Customs regulations

Zoll - The German Customs Authority

The German Customs Authority "Zoll" may be contacted for all questions with regard to import and export of goods to and from Germany. Either follow the link below to its website or contact the Zollinfocenter


Tel: 0049-69-4699-7600

Fax: 0049-69-4699-7609

Postal address: Zollinfocenter, Friedrichstr. 35, 63069 Offenbach/Main, Germany


New Customs Declaration Regulations for travellers entering or leaving the EU and carrying € 10.000 or more in cash

Effective 15 June 2007, all travellers entering or leaving the European Union and carrying € 10.000 or more in cash, its equivalent in other currencies or easily convertible assets (e.g. traveller's cheques, bearer cheques and bonds) must declare the sum to Customs.  This initiative has been taken to assist the efforts against organized crime and terrorism by combating money laundering and cross-border funding of terrorism. Detailed information as well as the declaration forms in multiple languages are provided by the websites of the European Union Commission as well as German Customs Authorities.

Customs regulations

Das Schloß Augustusburg in Brühl

Tax Free Forms

Please be informed that the German Embassy will neither issue nor accept Tax Free Forms for claiming tax refund in Germany for items bought and exported to Kuwait. Before leaving Germany, kindly approach the customs office at the airport or at the border and have your tax free forms stamped.

Also please be advised that persons who hold a visa for a EU country which is valid for more than 90 days is not entitled to a VAT refund.

CITES - Protection of species of plants and animals from extinction


Alongside the destruction of habitats, the economic exploitation of animals and plants is one of the greatest dangers facing the animal and plant worlds. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, in short the Washington Convention, is a legally binding international agreement dating from 1973 to protect endangered species of animals and plants. It is also known internationally as CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.