The Ambassador and the individual sections

The political section

The Political Department's main task is the promotion of bilateral relations at the political level. This is done through a permanent dialogue with the Kuwaiti Government and civil society covering the whole range of political issues, the observation and analysis of Kuwait's foreign and domestic policies, the preparation and management of highlevel visits of political decisionmakers as well as the coordination of policies in mutilateral bodies.

The economic section

The aim of the Economic Service is to promote German-Kuwaiti trade relations. The Economic Service is a contact partner for all German companies, which are currently represented in Kuwait or are planning to do so. Furthermore, the Economic Department is in close contact with all relevant authorities and observes the economic development and economic policy of the host country.

The cultural section

The Cultural Department deals with German-Kuwaiti cultural relations. This includes the co-ordination of our cultural policies, co-ordination with and support of German institutions.

The press section

The Embassy's Press Department informs the Kuwaiti media and public about aspects of German policies and provides help and support with regard to questions about Germany in general. Furthermore, it provides the Foreign Ministry with information about developments within the Kuwaiti media and current tendencies in public opinion. It keeps in close touch with leading journalists of the host country as well as accredited German journalists in Kuwait. A wide range of publications and information is provided to the public.