Vocational and further training

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iMOVE (International Marketing of Vocational Education)

iMOVE is an initiative by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to internationalize German vocational education and training services. iMOVE offers German providers of vocational education and training a wide range of services to help them penetrate international markets.

"Training - Made in Germany": this the slogan iMOVE uses abroad to advertise German expertise in vocational education and training.

To find out more, go to the iMOVE website at

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Vocational and further training

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The German Education Server

The Deutscher Bildungsserver (German Education Server, or Eduserver) is the focal internet guide to education related information on the internet. It provides fundamental and high quality information on internet resources to all those concerned - thus offering quick, up-to-date, concise and free access to information.