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Recognition in Germany

Recognition in Germany

“Recognition in Germany” is the official online portal for the Federal Recognition Act. It provides migrants and foreign skilled workers with information on how and where they can submit an applicatio...

Studying in Germany

Germany is an increasingly attractive place in which to study, offering international degrees such as Bachelor and Master degrees, courses taught in English and a system which enables credits for attendance and examination passes to be accumulated and transferred.

Why learn German?

If you can speak German, you can:

  • read works by the great authors of the last centuries such as Goethe, Schiller and Brecht in the original;
  • include something on your CV that will catch the eye of prospective employers (20% of Italian companies are looking for applicants with a knowledge of German);
  • study free of charge at a university in Germany, Austria or Switzerland;
  • visit the Berlinale, go to Munich for the Oktoberfest or join in Karneval in Cologne;
  • read the latest academic publications (German is the second most popular language in academic publications, and 28% of all books published worldwide are written in German);
  • apply for jobs on the international stage. German is one of the official languages of the European Union and is also used in many other international organizations.
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Cultural life in Germany

Cultural life in Germany is varied and exciting - why not discover it for yourself!

Sign and Sight offers free access to daily reviews of Germany's cultural press, translations of keynote articles and reviews of the season's best publications.

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Culture and education

Studentin mit Buch

Goethe-Institut Gulf Region

Estabslished 2006 the Goethe-Institut Liaison Office for the Gulf Region in Abu Dhabi offers - besides other activities - language courses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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„My Life in Germany“ - Young Gulf Arabs in Germany

Erster deutsch-irakischen Bachelorstudiengang

Have you ever thought of going abroad for your studies? Do you want to know more about living and studying in Germany, but don’t know who to ask?

German Information Center Cairo

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