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Thank you for your interest in Germany as your travel and business destination!

We want to make your trip to Germany as easy as possible. In order to provide a customer-friendly and comfortable visa application process, the Visa Section of the German Embassy in Kuwait has been cooperating with the external service provider "Al Qabas Assurex" since 2011.

You can apply for a Schengen visa at the German Embassy if Germany is your main destination and if you are residing in Kuwait.  The German Embassy also represents the Embassies of Finland, Iceland and Norway in consular affairs and issues visas to these countries.

In 2016, the Visa Section of the German Embassy in Kuwait has processed almost 65.000 visa applications from many different nationalities

Below information is a summary of answers to most frequently asked questions and inquiries.

We recommend you to read the following important information carefully.  This will help you save time when submitting your application form and the required documents.

With the introduction of the Schengen Visa Codex - the Visa Information System (VIS) - new regulations have come into force and will be updated regularly.  

Applicants are therefore advised to visit this website before submitting their applications. 

2. Schengen Visa, Category C ( short term visa for visits to Germany of up to 90 days) and Airport Transit Visa, Category A

3. National Visa, Category D (long-term stay/ Permanent residence)

5. Rumours about Germany

All About Visa

VIS - Visa Information System