1.8 Refusal of visa application - my options

If a visa application has been refused by the German Embassy the applicant will receive a letter with an explanatory statement for refusal.


If you do not agree with this statement and believe you have additional information to help revoke the reasons of refusal, you may:


a) file a new visa application providing all relevant information and documents or


b) make use of your right to appeal as per the rules stated in the legal remedies in your letter. The letter of appeal must bear the signature of the visa applicant or his/her legal representative (please attach original power of attorney - scans are accepted) and forward to the visa section of the German Embassy.


E-mail enquiries without relevant documents (as stated above) of applicants or sent by third parties (companies, hosts, employers) cannot be considered as a legal appeal and will be ignored.


The review of the appeal may take up to 3 months.

1.8 Refusal of visa application - my options

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