1.4 Visa Fees

Euro Scheine und Münzen Enlarge image (© dpa/pa)

The visa fees are fixed in Euro and payable in Kuwaiti Dinar according to the exchange rate of the German Embassy upon application submission. The visa fee is 60.00 Euros. Children under the age of 6 years are exempt from the visa fee if applying for a Schengen visa; the visa fee for minors aged 6 to 11 years is 35.00 Euros.

Further information about visa fees and exemptions can be found here

Spouses and minor children of German nationals and EU/EWR citizens as well as parents of German minor children and minor children of EU/EWR citizens are exempt from the visa fee for all visa categories when travelling with the German national, EU/EWR citizen or rejoining him/her in the Schengen area.

Applicants who are using the service of "Al Qabas Assurex" are subject to a service fee.

Please note that no third party is entitled to request payment in connection with a visa application for Germany other than the Embassy in Kuwait itself and "Al Qabas Assurex" on behalf of the Embassy. All necessary application forms are available to download on this homepage and on the homepage of Al Qabas Assurex http://www.qavisa.com/ free of charge.

Visa fees of a rejected or withdrawn visa application are not refundable.