1.2 Where to apply

The external service provider Al Qabas Assurex is operating a Visa Application Centre in support of the German Embassy in Kuwait. Short-term applications for Schengen Visas (e.g. for tourism, visits, business) for travels to Germany, Finland, Iceland or Norway are to be submitted to the service provider Al Qabas who will for your convenience ensure that all the relevant documents are included in your application.

Please ensure that you file your visa application at least 2 weeks prior to your trip.

Address of the Visa Application Centre:

Al Qabas Assurex

Sanabel Tower (Al-Babtain)

Mezzanine (M3)

opposite Public Authority for Minors Affairs


Tel.: 22924444

Fax: 22924442

Further details on the application procedure and how to reach the Visa Application Centre are available on the following website: www.qavisa.com

Please bear in mind that for Kuwaiti nationals a minimum of three to five working days is required from the moment your application arrives at the Embassy until you get back your stamped passport. For other nationalities, the procedure might take up to two weeks.

During this time, neither the Embassy nor the Visa Application Centre can provide any information on the status of your application. Please make sure you apply in time to avoid being disappointed!

Use of the services provided by Al Qabas is on a voluntary basis. However, applicants who wish to file their application at the Embassy can book an appointment with the Visa Department by email.

In order to avoid waiting times for an available appointment, long queues at the Embassy and to make sure that your visa application is complete and can be processed without any delay, we advise you to benefit from the Visa Application Centre Al Qabas –  here you can book your appointment online here

Please note that the number of available appointments directly at the Embassy is limited - waiting periods of up to two weeks can occur.

To book an appointment please send an email to the German Embassy kuwa%27%diplo%27%de,visa and state your travel dates, travel purpose and full names of all travellers.

Long-term visa applications (e.g. for studying, work permits, family reunification) cannot be processed Al Qabas Assurex but have to be handed in directly at the Embassy (by prior appointment only).

1.2 Where to apply

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