1.1 Entry to Germany - do I need a visa?

a) Do I need a Schengen Visa (up to 90 days)?

On the Federal Foreign Office webpage you can find a list of nationalities and passport types to find out whether you need a visa to Germany and the Schengen states for visits of up to 90 days.

Exceptions are indicated in the relevant list of countries. Please find here an overview of general visa requirements/exemptions for entry into the Federal Republic of Germany


b) Visa Waiver agreement for holders of Kuwaiti diplomatic and special passports


Holders of Kuwaiti diplomatic (red colour) and special passports (green colour) may travel to Germany without obtaining a visa prior to the trip if they hold new biometric, e-chip passports and if their stay does not exceed 90 days per half year (Schengen-Visa”).


Visa still required:

-              Travellers who hold older, non-biometric diplomatic and special passports are still required to obtain a visa prior to the trip!

-              If a long-term stay over 90 days is intended (e.g. family reunion, work/residence permit, study or diplomatic accreditation) then a visa is still necessary

-              This visa waiver agreement has entered into force between Germany and Kuwait – if you wish to travel to any other Schengen Member States please check with the respective Embassy of that State whether or not you need to have a visa


Holders of regular private Kuwaiti passports are not included in this visa waiver agreement and do still need a Schengen Visa for Germany and the Schengen States!


c) I'm planning a trip by air and have to transit at a German airport. Do I need a visa?


The vast majority of foreign travellers benefit from the "transit privilege" - if during a stopover at a German airport, you do not leave the International Airport Area and if the destination is not in a Schengen country, you do not need a transit visa.

However, if for some reason you need to enter the Schengen area during your stopover (for example to change terminals or if the destination is in a Schengen country), you may require a visa; please plan for this. You should apply for a visa well before you travel!

Further information about airport transit visa requirements can be found here


d) What type of visa do I need for long-term stay/residence permit (over 90 days)

Most non-EU-foreigners wanting to work or study in Germany or to stay longer than 90 days in Germany for other purposes, usually need a visa – please check the chapter “National Visa – long-term stay” on our homepage for the relevant information about the different application categories

1.1 Entry to Germany - do I need a visa?

Ein Beamter der Bundespolizei gibt einem Passagier im Düsseldorf International-Flughafen nach einer Ausweiskontrolle den Reisepass zurück.