Birth of a German child in Kuwait

For a German child born in Kuwait it is advisable to have that child’s birth registered in the German birth register. The competent public register is normally the one where both parents have or one parent has their place of residence in Germany. If both parents live abroad the public “Registrar I” (Standesamt I) in Berlin is the competent authority.

The registration of birth can be made via the German Embassy in Kuwait. It is advisable to register a child’s birth shortly after birth (within the first six months).

If at the time of birth of a child father and mother do not have a joint family name but do have shared custody of the child, a name declaration is necessary. Once the name declaration has been validated with the competent registrar’s office, a German passport can be issued for the child.

Should you wish to register your child’s birth through the German Embassy in Kuwait we kindly ask you to make an appointment by contacting kuwa%27%diplo%27%de,ivisa

Please fill in the attached form for registration of a child’s birth. In addition please attach the following documents (original) and 2 copies each.

  • child’s birth certificate
  •  marriage certificate of the parents if applicable
  •  both parent’s passports incl. resident permit for Qatar
  • both parent’s birth certificates
  • deregistration certificate from the German registration office (“Abmeldebescheinigung“ vom Einwohnermeldeamt), if German residency is registered in the previous/current passport of parents
  • certificate of mother’s current family name, if applicable
  • acknowledgement of paternity, if applicable

Please note that any foreign (=non-German) documents might have to be legalized or affixed with an Apostille. Please read the website-information and/or contact the competent

German mission in the country of issuance of certificates for further information. Certificates that are neither in German or English language must be translated.

Additional documents may be required. Copies provided will be certified by the Embassy. Originals and/or certified copies will be handed back to you immediately.

The fee for registration of a child’s birth and issuance of the requested number of birth certificates may vary. depending in which federal state the competent public register is situated. The public register in Berlin charges as follows:

The fee for registration in the birth register amounts to 60,- Euro. Another 20,- Euro will be charged if foreign law has to be assessed. The fee per birth certificate is currently 10,- Euro (for each category) and another 5,- Euro for every additional birth certificate requested at the same time. The registration can only be processed after payment. Applicants will be informed about methods of payment after having filed the application.

The fee for the application of registration in the birth register is 25,- Euro. An additional minimum charge of 10,- Euro will be charged for the certification of copies. All fees are payable in KWD only based to the respective exchange rate. Fees can be paid in cash or by credit card (Master or Visa cards only).

Please note that the public register in Berlin may take up to two years to process your application.