Legalization of Kuwaiti/Foreign Certificates to be used in Germany

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Documents are often only recognized by the authorities of another state if their authenticity and evidentiary value has been determined by a special procedure. But even formally authentic foreign documents have on occasion been discovered to contain inaccurate information. It must therefore be confirmed in the process of international recognition that documents that are to be used abroad were both issued from the responsible agency and are factually correct.

·         What is a legalization? 

·         Foreign Public Documents to be used in Germany

In order to legalize a document by the German Embassy in Kuwait, you must ensure the following:

-  Documents must be issued by a Kuwaiti Authority.

-  Please note that the German Embassy in Kuwait only issues legalizations for original official documents. Private documents will not be legalized. Photocopies or certified photocopies may not be legalized. Documents must be issued by a Kuwaiti authority. Documents not issued in Kuwait cannot be legalized by the embassy. This also includes documents issued by other Embassies or entities in Kuwait.

Before arranging an appointment for the legalization of documents, please ensure getting the necessary certification/verification from the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Kuwait first.

Opening hours for Consular services: Sunday to Thursday  09.00 – 11.00 a.m.

Certified copies, legalizations and signature authentications can be obtained during the a.m. opening hours without prior appointment.