Marriage in Kuwait involving a German Citizen

Hochzeitskleid und Schuhe des Bräutigams Enlarge image (© dpa/pa)

Please note that should you want to get married in Kuwait you need to contact the competent Kuwaiti authorities for further information. In case none of the engaged is of Muslim religion you should contact the relevant church/congregation in Kuwait City.

Generally, you will need a certificate of no-impediment to marry (Ehefähigkeitszeugnis). This will be issued by the registrars’ office of the city of your last residence in Germany. Should you never have lived in Germany please contact the Registrars office “Standesamt I in Berlin”.

Standesamt I Berlin  

Please note: most likely the marriage certificate should be legalized by the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Berlin for recognition in Kuwait.

Legalization of German Documents