Inauguration of the Visa department

On 07.05.2013 the German Embassy held the official inauguration of its new Consulate and Visa department in Kuwait located in the Symphony Tower 2, 8th floor  (behind Missoni Hotel in Salmiya).

To symbolize the opening Ambassador Frank M. Mann cut a ribbon together with a representative of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the presence of representatives of several Embassies from the Schengen signatory countries as well as commercial and media representatives. In his short address Ambassador Mann described the basic lines of the German visa regulations in general and the characteristics concerning Kuwait. Ambassador Mann particularly emphasised the rapidity and reliability in the issuance of Schengen Visa. He highlighted that a  Schengen Visa in contrast to a national visa guarantees access to any of the Schengen Member states and beyond them. The new premises of the Consular Section dispose of a huge friendly waiting room and four modern counters to welcome and attend the customers.

The relocation of the Consular Section does not implicate any changes for the visa applicants. Visa applications for German Schengen visa as before have to be submitted at the Embassy’s external service provider Al-Qabas Assurex. 

For further information please consult here

For special cases and other consular issues the staff of the new consular section will be pleased to attend the customers upon appointment in the new premises.